Cobalt Deficiency in Sheep and Goats - Treatment and prevention with Cobalt pellets (bolus, bullet). Tracerite sustained release cobalt supplements for sheep and goats

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Tracerite Cobalt pellets (bolus) for sheep and goats, 10g

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Tracerite Cobalt pellets for sheep

*This is an export product not currently registered with APVMA and is not approved for animal use in Australia. Any purchase is subject to this disclaimer.

For prevention and treatment of cobalt deficiency in sheep


Cobalt oxide 3g per 10g sustained release pellet.

Physical Information

A pressed sustained release pellet for oral administration.


Indicated for the prevention and treatment of cobalt responsive conditions in sheep.


  • Release of cobalt over 3 years
  • Improved live weight of ewes during pre-lambing period
  • Heavier lambs at birth
  • 66% increase in milk production in ewes during the first month of lactation
  • Weight gain of lambs increased by 150% between birth and weaning compared to lambs on cobalt deficient pasture.


1 pellet every 3 years for all sheep over 8 weeks of age.
Sheep may be dosed yearly on veterinary advice.

Pack sizes

50 - pack

100 - pack

400 - pack.

Shelf life

3 years after manufacture.


Store below 30°C (room temperature) in the original container in a dry place.