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Applicator - Capsule/pellet applicator - for cattle trace mineral supplements

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Capsule Applicator/Balling Gun for Tracerite capsules and boluses

Applicator/Balling gun for administering copper capsules or selenium/cobalt pellets. These are well-made durable applicators with a stainless steel shaft and spring loaded handle. They are designed for repeated use (large farms/commercial use).

These applicators are designed for the cattle supplements available on this website. This applicator can be used with either the 10g or 20g copper capsules or the 30g selenium or cobalt pellets for cattle.

    The applicator can administer the following in a single action:
  • 1 x any of copper, cobalt, selenium supplement
  • 2 x selenium/cobalt supplements
  • 2 x selenium supplements + 1 x copper capsule

For 2g, 2.5g or 4g copper capsules OR 10g selenium or cobalt pellets, please choose the separately listed applicator.